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La Fayette Easter Exclusive Collection

Spring has Sprung!

What better way to celebrate than with our delicious hand-crafted chocolates?

We present to you our collection of spring sweets and Easter delights available for a limited time in stores!

The Chocolate Garden Cake (serves 8-10 people) and Individual Desserts are made with a delectable chocolate dacquoise sprinkled with milk chocolate chips, and a milk chocolate mousse. This cake is a pure delight!

Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Our Hazelnut & Chocolate Bunny Macarons are garnished with a smooth hazelnut mousse and a creamy chocolate insert all wrapped within a delicious crispy almond shell.

Our 100g Bunny Chocolate Bars come in four different flavours! Starting on the complete left we have our milk chocolate, ruby chocolate, caramel chocolate, and dark chocolate bunnies. Quick, grab one of each while we still have some left in stores!

Satisfy your chocolate cravings without the guilt! Our Bunny Chocolate Loaf is made with a base of sourdough bread with cocoa and milk chocolate chips. The chocolate chips bring a little sweetness and gourmet touch the the bread, a great contrast between the soft crumb and the crispy crust!

Visit one of our locations today to find this exclusive collection before Easter and to discover our other delicious unique creations!


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