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Celebrate Mother's Day Deliciously

Discover our star products for this year's Mother's Day, exclusively at Les Moulins La Fayette. They will be a pleasure for both mom and the family!

Our desserts are as delicious as they are pretty. Our Dark Chocolate Bar contains salted caramel ganache that melts and coats your mouth with a rich and delectable mix of flavours.

We highly recommend getting a Fruit St-Honoré cake for any type of gathering. Composed of a circle of our signature puff pastry, covered with a tasty vanilla cream and berries in the centre. The mini puffs surrounding the cake are filled with a raspberry jam and covered with a ruby chocolate mirror. A single cake will be able to serve six gourmet individuals!

For the mother with more salty taste buds, we suggest a Sesame Daisy Bread and Poppy Daisy Bread. These flower-shaped French baguettes are topped uniquely with sesame or poppy seeds that will bring happiness and smiles to the table.

To savour these delights, visit one of our two locations in Calgary today! Offered for a limited time only, while supplies last.


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